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Our story began in March 2011, when Elizabeth entered the doors of our youth sanctuary at church. Though we were only sophomores in high school at the time, we briefly locked eyes, and in that moment we knew without a doubt we had each just met the love of our life. Fast forward a few years, through many ups and downs, we found ourselves happily married but terribly unfulfilled in our day jobs. It was basically a quarter-life crisis.

After much soul searching, Cameron was reminded of his love for photography and began to pursue it as a hobby. That hobby quickly turned into a passion, which soon developed into a dream. Elizabeth soon adopted the dream as her own, and we got to work.

In our own marriage we've learned, and are still learning, that true love looks like sacrifice for one another. Love is more than a feeling or a word, but it's action. We believe true love is not of this world, and it should be celebrated and encouraged. We believe true love is best celebrated through experience, and it would be an honor to celebrate with you.



True love looks like sacrifice for one another...

allow us to introduce ourselves

Madeline McConnell

C&E were everything I wanted in wedding photographers and more.







When I say I'm enneagram 1, I mean I'm the poster child. Haha! Hi, friend! On a free Saturday, you'll likely find me catching up on Downton Abbey or The Crown with an iced Dr. Pepper in hand, simultaneously shopping sales with Banana Republic or J. Crew, while also planning every detail of our next trip to Europe. I'm stubbornly determined, a hopeless romantic, and a perfectionist to a fault.

A Note from Cameron

I've been called an old soul for most of my life, that being said, I absolutely love spontaneous adventures. You can call me your new bestie if you're into fantasy books, high tea, and exploring the world.  Quite the eclectic list, but true nevertheless. I'm a closet nerd who loves Beat Bobby Flay as much as Project Runway. If you need a recipe or advice on new shoes, I'm your girl!

A Note from Elizabeth

Him & Her

using the celebration of true love
to overcome the injustices of lust

Human Trafficking

a.) It's the illegal trade of human beings.
b.) It's the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor.

There are more people enslaved now than any other time in history.

There are an estimated 40.3 million people enslaved right now.

Human trafficking generates an average of 150 billion dollars per year.

Our Vow

To be completely transparent with you, we've fortunately grown our business to the point where all of our needs and our clients' needs are met. Our business is outgrowing the original mission of simply providing an income, which means it's time for the mission to expand. We're expanding our mission and using our business to fight the injustice of human trafficking in the world. Biblically speaking, the number 3 represents divine wholeness, completeness and perfection, which is exactly what we're hoping, praying and financially supporting. 

Our Mission


The Problem

 The Solution

"We are driven by a radical hope that the cycle of human trafficking can be broken."




$1,601.25 donated as of March 2024

Kind Words from a Past Bride


"I absolutely loved working with Cameron and Elizabeth! We connected with them from the start. They made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole process by getting to know us and answering any questions we had throughout our entire engagement."


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