We're Cam And liz.

Hey there!

At the very core of who we are, is the strong belief that love is more than a feeling, but rather, an action. True, sacrificial love is something to be celebrated and cherished!

Elizabeth and I had one of those "knew the moment we saw each other" moments over 10 years ago, and we've been growing in love since as we strive to serve each other to the best of our ability.

While our journey together hasn't always been easy, our love is rooted and established in Jesus, which is ultimately where we find our hope and faith. 



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While we find common ground in our adoration for old world romance, timeless styling and a love for weddings, we happen to be opposites in countless ways! Cameron is much more introverted, while Elizabeth thrives in social settings and gatherings. Cameron is the planner while Elizabeth loves spontaneity!

Though photography and videography are our main art forms, we also love interior design. We recently bought a home built in 1936 that we've been renovating! Follow us on Instagram @cameronandelizabeth to follow along! 

As we've mentioned before, we believe love is worthy of celebration. We also believe that even through the heartaches of life, love prevails and life is ultimately beautiful; we want our work to portray the beauty of life and love. 

love is worthy of celebration

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we happen to be opposites in countless ways

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